Eat, Sleep, Facebook

“Ever notice that ‘What the hell’ is always the right decision?” – Marilyn Monroe

Let’s acknowledge the Thai elephant in the room:  30-something woman planning a last-minute trip alone to SE Asia — it’s totally an Eat, Pray, Love-style cliche. But, whatever!

  • Planning time: 5 days flat
  • Travel time: 29 days
  • Countries planned: 3 (Thailand, Cambodia, Laos)
  • Known travel companions: 0 (But I’m with a tour group of 10 for 15 days, and I think that I’ve almost sold a few of you nomads-at-heart on meeting me in Bangkok for NYE!)

My visit to the Travel Doctor made me take the SE Asian Malaria Mosquitoes pretty seriously.  I’ve been pumped full of injectable and pill-form vaccines, and I’ve treated my long clothing with Permethrin, the latest in Mosquito Avoidance Technology. The bad news is that there’s no prevention or cure for mosquito-transmitted Dengue Fever, also known as “bone-breaking fever.”  Sounds like a party.  On the other hand, the good news is that it’s not the season for Japanese Encephalitis.  So, yay?

I’m nearly packed. The big question on my mind tonight is whether to bring my iPad AND my 11″ Macbook Air so that I can edit photos on the road, or if that puts me at too much risk, carrying all that plus my camera, etc.?  I am open to thoughts on this.

Other important questions:

  • How will Santa Claus find me in Laos?
  • Why did I book a tour that passes through a town that proudly serves fried spider?  “It’s recommended that you eat these furry arachnids as you would a crab, by cracking the body open and pulling the legs off one by one – delicious!”  Holy barf.

After the group tour ends, I have 7 days in Thailand that I haven’t planned out yet — no hotels booked.  I’m still considering where I want to spend NYE, how much beach time I want, and how safe I’ll feel traveling around by myself. I’m leaning toward splitting the final days between Chiang Mai and a beach resort… although I suspect NYE in Bangkok might be fun.


Turns out that packing for Cambodia looks a lot like packing for yoga class! Plus nasty chemicals.

I hope to meet this guy.

12 thoughts on “Eat, Sleep, Facebook

    • *shudder* If you see a photo of me like that, then you’ll know I’ve been taken by Cambodian body-snatchers. My fear of spiders is deep, dark, and totally irrational.

  1. Awesome! It looks so much fun! I hope you keep us posted/stay in touch. I went to another country with VERY few things planned(okay, it was Canada, but still. I had NO idea what to do). I think you’ll do great!

  2. Jess and I had planned to visit a elehant conservation in Chang Mai. and repel in the forest. I could look it up for you and email it. Let me know.

  3. Chiang Mai is definitely the place to make friends with an elephant! We didn’t visit any of the elephant conservation places but I wish we had! So excited for you.

    • And although I haven’t stopped to thank you, I’ve been actively referring to your recommendation emails, Andi. You influenced the choice of Chiang Mai. THANK YOU!

      • You’re welcome!! And you must eat the street food! We followed three simple rules:

        1) no unpurified water or ice
        2) no raw, unpeeled produce
        3) no hot food that we didn’t *see* being cooked — i.e. we’ll eat the stir fry we see being cooked streetside but not the vat of curry that’s just, well, sitting there.

        I’m no food safety expert but it worked like a charm for us and we ate street food every day. Usually many times.


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